Giving Back in Our Community

Website Development

Around Kitchener Waterloo believes in giving back to our community.

Email and Hosting

Providing select not for profits with free hosting and email.

Technical Support

Keeping companies running that can’t afford IT professionals.

Customer Support

Helping out with questions and support with new ideas.

AKW Story

We believe in giving back to our community…Around Kitchener Waterloo started out in 2003 with 4 free business directories, providing free directory listings for small businesses that didn’t have large advertising budgets. It grew and blossomed into a full featured hosting, domain registration & website development company.

Volunteering our time and resources in the Kitchener Waterloo Community is our way of giving back, helping worthy causes is the least we can do considering how much these businesses and their staff benefit our community.

We still have the free directories and you are welcome to list your business Free.
Sorry after 13 years we have been forced to shut down the free directories due to abuse, we are working on something new.

Companies That AKW Helps

The Literacy Group of Waterloo Region

We have been volunteering with the Literacy Group of Waterloo since 2002, Around Kitchener Waterloo fixes, installs and maintains more than 20 computers in two offices for The Literacy Group of Waterloo Region on a volunteer basis, we have written two Literacy Computer Courses, did a weekly computer tutoring course for students, take care of the company email, designed and redesigned their website, host their site and register their domains yearly.

The current Literacy Group website is utilizing WordPress, they are able to edit the site on demand which works very well for them.

You can view the Literacy Group of Waterloo Region’s website at

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Donate To The Literacy Group Through

The Literacy Group of Waterloo Region
Waterloo Region Block Parents

Waterloo Region Block Parent® Program

I meet Darren when he called to inquire about hosting prices for a not for profit website, he really wanted to make a difference in this organization and this was apparent throughout our conversation, he sent me a very impassioned email on how he wanted to make a difference in our community and how he wanted to create a safe refuge for any child in need. Around Kitchener Waterloo decided that we not only wanted to host the site free we also wanted to use this opportunity as a test case for our new Content Management System and site design.

Since 2009 we are proud website supporters of The Waterloo Region Block Parent® Program in their endeavor and wish them much success in bringing awareness and safety into our community.

You can visit the Block Parent® website at

Community Support Donate Now

Donate To The Waterloo Regional Block Parent® Through

Waterloo Region Block Parents

Free Website Makeover 2017

Newly completed makeover of The Waterloo Region Block Parent® Program Website by Around Kitchener Waterloo.

Updating the site so that it is more professional looking and mobile friendly.


Alphanon Consultants

AKW Created the Alphanon Consultants website, hosts, edits and renews the domain yearly on a volunteer basis. Alphanon Consultants was established in 1994 by a group of addictions professionals to further develop the concept of treatment alternatives for people who would otherwise be left to their addictions and criminal activity.

We were of the opinion that a potential loss of human capital was increasing because of poor or tardy identification of issues that rendered the individual subject to repeated unsuccessful treatment, inconsistent employment, incarceration and the undermining of social and family fabric. Our experience as therapists, program developers in various treatment milieus and our willingness to go to the client, commends us to a large niche in both the business and private community. These individuals are corporate executives to young people beginning their careers in life.

You can view Alphanon’s website Here

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